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VAs Needed for long-term series!

Hello! I'm Ylla, and I'm currently in the process of producing the first of ~24 episodes for a series entitled ROTS. ROTS follows Vanessa Black through a post-apocalyptic world trying its best to function normally, in spite of a mind-rotting epidemic. After being saved by a rescue team searching for a cure, she's offered a position she can't refuse.

Almost all main characters still need voice actors, so, if you've applied for previous projects or just wanna put yourself out there, this is an excellent time to jump onboard! I do ask a few things of those applying to be a voice actor, though:

  1. This series will take years to complete! I understand it is borderline impossible to 100% guarantee you'll be available for years to come, but please do not make the mistake of applying to be a main character and thinking this is a short-term commitment!
  2. Similarly, please specify whether you're applying only for side characters (who will be easier to replace and will have a much lower level of commitment) or if you're willing to take on the task of voice acting for a main character!
  3. Please don't be offended if you aren't taken onboard, chances are that your voice acting is great but it's just a vocal range that's already covered or isn't needed!
  4. I know I already emphasized it twice, but, especially for main characters, this is a high-level commitment! PLEASE don't apply for large roles if you have no intention of sticking around!
  5. Keep in mind this series will be making money through Patreon/potential ad revenue, and that minor/one-time voice acting roles won't be paid unless otherwise stated! This is 100% a passion project and has all been out-of-pocket for me so far

We mostly are in dire need of female voice actors, as well as black and hispanic talents. We are mostly covered on white/male character voices (Don't let this deter you from applying, though! Just want to be transparent on what we are hurting for/abundant in at the moment). If you're interested, please reach out to me here on Newgrounds, or on discord (@JAMRIOT), or even message me through my Discord server! I have more information on the series, what timeframe we're looking at, etc. available at a moment's notice! Thanks for your interest!


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Hello everyone! I'm so happy to announce that we finally have the results in for the winners of the very first Writer's Jam!

Before reading the results, you are very encouraged to join my Discord server for early access to signups for future Writer's Jams and similar events! Since signups were very limited this time (and will be next time), this is the best opportunity you have at getting a spot! We also will be hosting many fun community events, do our own little "Frontpage" every week, and have a section to set up Newgrounds collab projects! def check it out :)

Alright, now that that's out of the way, here's the winners of the first ever Writer's Jam! Please check out their wonderful stories, you won't be disappointed!

  1. @Durinde ($35) - The Figment and The Ghost
  2. @wayyward ($20) - Kingdom
  3. @Remi-le-Oduen ($10) - Safety rules are written in blood

There were so many excellent stories pitted against eachother throughout this whole competition, and it was such a joy to get to read everyone's pieces! Winners, please reach out to me on what the best way to get the prize money to you is! As previously mentioned, I can only guarantee Paypal or Venmo as forms of payment that will definitely work. Winners who do not reach out in the next 72 hours will not receive their payment!

Speaking of the next one, expect these changes in future Writer's Jams:

  • Writer's Jam will take place over a 72-hour period instead of a 48-hour period
  • In addition, the 72-hour period will begin at 12:00 PM EST instead of 12:00 AM EST the day of
  • The announcement of future Writer's Jam dates will be 3 weeks in advance, instead of 5 weeks, to increase event turnout and not have as much deadspace between when entry spots fill up and when the actual competition happens
  • Updates and reminders will be frequently given through the previously linked Discord server (all the more reason to join!)
  • The scoring rubric proved effective, but judges will be given more clear instruction on judgement process so it goes faster and smoother next time

That's all from me, for now! Keep an eye out for announcements in November or December in regards to upcoming Writer's Jams (and join the Discord for other exciting announcements before then)! Thank you for making this competition such an exciting and fulfilling experience!