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Posted by JAMRIOT - July 25th, 2023


WRITER'S JAM 1 - SEPTEMBER 1 00:00 EST thru SEPTEMBER 2 23:59 EST (48 hrs)

If you navigate the Newgrounds Writing Forum, chances are you’ll soon realize you’re the only user on the entire site browsing it. Newgrounds is home to many excellent storytellers. The issue is, however, that it's likely no one will navigate to your work without having an existing audience built off a different form of art, due to the infrastructure of Newgrounds. The only stories that successfully receive feedback on Newgrounds are told through video game and animation submissions, where the barrier to entry discourages beginning writers and those inexperienced with project development from sharing their pieces online. In addition, writing competitions are far and few between. Long story short: Literature is an art form that has been neglected on Newgrounds, and it negatively impacts the site when storytellers are unable to share their art.

That's where the Writer’s Jam comes in! The Writer’s Jam is a jam-style competition that encourages both new and experienced writers alike to produce a short piece of literature within a 48 hour period. At midnight, September 1st, 3 one-word prompts will be dropped. participants have until the end of September 2nd (48 hrs, EST) to brainstorm, draft, edit, and post a piece inspired by one of the three prompts. Submissions can be anything you, the participant, desire! There will be a cash prize of $35 for first place, $20 for second place, and $10 for third place.

Sign up HERE to register yourself as a participant! Slots are very limited, so act fast if you’re interested! The rules and guidelines for the competition are also attached in the above link.




Sounds cool, I'm in!

I am very happy for this event, I hope everyone will enjoy this.

We can’t wait!

Daum I love writing and only now learned that Newgrounds has a Writing Forum

Exactly! Hoping this will help bring it to life!

I didn't know this site had a literature section until now, but damn am I excited to see where this jam goes!


See you in a month.

does this mean we'll have a "literature" section on NG?

The Writing Forum and Blog/News posts are the stand-in for literature on the site at the moment, but this isn’t an official MG tournament so I don’t really know how this will effect the site. I’d love to see some changes that make it more clear literature is allowed on here though!

I'm not as good writing as in other stuff, but i'll give it a chance!

This is a great place to grow and get feedback! Welcome aboard!

What an awesome idea! Can't wait to begin!!!

I'll have to sit this one out.... Maybe.

Just signed up.

What am I suppose to do?

Check the Signup link in the post for the rules and guidelines!

How exciting!! I'm in!

@JAMRIOT too bad we'd get mostly fan fiction, how.

All signed up, lookin forward to writing again!

sure ill give it a shot!

Really hope I'm not too late. I cut my teeth writing for the old writing forum monthly contests back in the early 2010s, and it would be so fun to see how far I've come since those days.

Whether I'm in or not, I really do want to give everyone involved a big thank you^~^ You don't know how much this means to some of us

You are entrant #50! Just in time! So excited to see writing hopefully become more prominent on the site & stay tuned for other writing-related contests :)

I signed up last night when the form was still open but it was fairly last minute so I figured I should ask if I submitted in time or not. If I didn't make it in time, its not a big deal! Just wanted to ask to make sure.

You’re in! Those who applied past the 50 participant maximum have already been messaged, so anyone who hasn’t received a message on here is all set!

@JAMRIOT Alright thanks!

@JAMRIOT let’s fucking go lol thank you so much ^~^

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